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Our Journey to Duluth

Little did my husband and I know three¬†years ago that we would be suddenly moving to Minnesota. Little did we know three months ago that we would be suddenly moving AGAIN–this time waaaaaaaay up north to “Duluft,” as our four-year-old calls it ūüėČ Duluth, Minnesota was NEVER a place we had even jokingly considered calling home.

Yet, here we are (well–almost), and this is how it happened (in-a-nutshell).

My husband came home from work earlier this fall and said, “Honey, can we talk?”

These kinds of conversations in marriage are inevitably dreaded and¬†avoided¬†at all costs ūüėČ Nevertheless, every now-and-again, they need to be had ūüėČ

So, the basis of this conversation was the potential for a shift in my husband’s career, which would land us our 7th move in 10 years. I gave my husband my blessing to move forward, trusting FIRST in him to lead and provide for our family. SECOND, I trusted in God’s Divine Providence for our family. Any job, in this economy, that pays better and avoids a 1.5 hour commute to work — EACH WAY — is a no-brainer when you have 8 mouths to feed.

So, three months later, my husband received and accepted an offer. Within a week, it was in writing. A week after that, we were on our first of three trips up north to find a place for our family to live.

Now, here we are — 10 weeks later. We have had three potential rental properties fall through. “Not my will, but THY will be done.” Lord, we are thankful that you have shown us this is not Your¬†most¬†holy will. Whenever You close a door (or three, in our case), You open a window somewhere else. Please show us how to be patient while we continue to wait and¬†prudently¬†discern.

Our current house has been in contract “with contingency” for nearly two months, waiting for our potential buyers to sell theirs. “Not my will, but THY will be done.” Lord, we are thankful that another family so earnestly wants to make our loving home their forever home.

I drove our 6 children halfway across the country in the dead of winter, BY MYSELF, to stay with my in-laws for a month (January) while our home went into contract. Lord, thank you for the strength and perseverance to make a trip like that. Thank you for the generosity and hospitality of family in our time of need.

I spent a month after that (February) in Duluth with our 6 children, living in my husband’s 800 sq. ft., 2 bedroom condo. Lord, thank you for that time of closeness and togetherness. Thank you that we were together through thick-and-thin. Thank you for helping us hold onto the ideals that we set for our family… the dream we dreamed while standing on the altar nearly 11 years ago to have a large, Catholic family. Thank you for giving us the grace to stand by and hold on to that dream through our Faith in You.

And now… the journey has taken us back to our home for the time being. Lord, thank you for our backyard! Thank you for our sleds and the snow outside and our OWN BEDS! Give us the faith to know that while Daddy is there and we are here — that this is only for a time. May we use the distance to grow together… day by day… in grace, love, holiness, and perfect charity… knowing that YOU are behind and driving it all… and never be afraid to trust an unknown¬†future to a known God.

+ Jesus, we trust in You +